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We aim to provide safe, comfortable and enjoyable diving for a small group.
The maximum number of divers per group is four, along with our guide.

Beach dive    Boat dive

9am Meet at our shop by 9am,
complete the application form /
waiver and change into your wetsuit.

Let's go diving! Two dives in the morning
Lunch time
Let’s go diving!(We can do a third dive if you like)
Back to our shop, take a shower and get changed

Meet at our shop by 7.30,
complete the application form /waiver and drive to the port.
We can also help you with any hire equipment during this time.

Arrive at the port, and set sail.
Two dives in the morning.
The third dive after lunch is optional.

Return to port
Back to our shop,
take a shower and get changed

Beach dive(SUNABE)

This is one of the most popular dive sites in Okinawa. and is an easi swim from the beach. The site is suitable for beginners through to experienced divers, has an amasing variety of beautiful Okinawan fish, and is renowned for its soft corals.

Boat dive(KERAMA Island)

Kerama Islands are located about 50km west of the Okinawan main islad. It's not only the great visibility that fascinates us, but the unique and interesting underwater landscape and amazing variety of sea creatures. This area is one of Okinawa best diving locations we don't want to boast, but when you experience it you will understand why We believe this is a world class dive site!

Beach and Boat(Blue Cave)

This natural cave resembles the Italian Blue Grotto(Grotto Azzurra). Light reflected from the deep blue sea creates an amazing world in the cave. This is a perfect site for non-certified divers, with introduction divers and snorkelling trip available. For more advanced divers, thre are some deep area close by where it is common to see a number ob rare sea creatures.


Thre are many dive sites around Okinawa. For example, to the north there is a wreck and an air dome? suitable for advanced divers. Thre are also a number of dive sites along the West Coast, which, although not yet popular are interesting and attractive.

Okinawa is surrounded by the beautiful ocean,
and is lucky to have a great variety of dive sites.
Depending on your interests, experience and the weather
we can recommend a site to suit you.

During your time diving with us,
we will take photos and videos and
would love to give them to you as a gift.
Ask the staff about details.
We can also provide you width
hire cameras if you would like to
take your own photos.

Occasionally weather and sea conditions can affect our dive plan.
We are fortunate to be surronded by the ocean, so we can often find an alternative site?
However, on some occasions we may need to acncel or reschedule the day's activities.
We appreciate your understanding in the unfortunate event that this occurs.