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If you would like to enjoy the Okinawan ocean,
see beautiful coral and play with tropical fish please take a snorkel tour with us.

We can take you on a snorkelling adventure to the Blue cave, Sunabe,
Kerama Islands and many other amazing places!

Meet at our shop by 9am,
complete the application form / waiver and change into your wetsuit.
Learn basic knowledge about snorkelling
on the beach and the marine life you might see.
Let's get into the water!
Back to our shop and take a shower

Time required; Approx. 3 hours

Both beach entry and boat entry are available.
Also you can choose to go to either the Blue Cave and/or Kerama Islands.

During your time diving with us,
we will take photos and videos and
would love to give them to you as a gift.
Ask the staff about details.
We can also provide you width
hire cameras if you would like to
take your own photos.

Occasionally weather and sea conditions can affect our dive plan.
We are fortunate to be surronded by the ocean, so we can often find an alternative site?
However, on some occasions we may need to acncel or reschedule the day's activities.
We appreciate your understanding in the unfortunate event that this occurs.